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After months of research and work we have started our non-profit: Juana’s Voice, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We have been fortunate to partner with the Brava Theater for Women in the Arts  in San Francisco to offer classes in expressive arts.


While we were in NYC we thought it would be fun to spread some words of encouragement and inspiration for the new year. Elizabeth wrote each card by hand, an inspirational phrase on one side and a collage art piece on the other. We put them all over the city, Brooklyn to Park Avenue, with little pieces of red string. We were always looking over our shoulders and giggling at the thought of getting caught. Our sincerest hope is that the person that picked it up was touched in some way. Maybe it helped them believe in themselves. Maybe it made them smile at a stranger. Maybe the holidays weren’t as lonely. And maybe, they turned around and shared it with someone else who needed it.