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Dreaming Big

Juana’s Voice is officially a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization! This dream has been in the works, in some variation or other, for many years and so it was very exciting to feel the big push of forward momentum. Along with the many small accomplishments that we celebrate come the very big dreams that we have for the organization. We share these dreams to create hope and excitement for our future. And as a good friend recently said “It’s about time you two started to dream big!” The ultimate dream is the Westport House. (pictured) Twenty acres on the Mendocino Coast of California. A permanent home for Juana’s Voice. A place to be still; A beautiful environment, intentionally created where you can discover your highest potential. Where you can come on retreat, or to take a class or workshop from healers, musicians, gardeners, authors and artists. A place that hosts all women, including artists-in-residence, and girls and women with financial limitations. A place for writing and painting, singing and music making, woodworking and gardening, ceramics and cooking. Pretty much, whatever we can think up. Let’s …

Pioneering A Girl’s Perspective

A digital photography program at the Brava Theater. We want to congratulate the girls who participated in our program! We met twice a week for four weeks. The students came in wanting to learn to ‘look at things differently’ and ‘take better pictures’. They definitely accomplished their goals and then some! We are proud to present a gallery of their photos.

Maria and Consuelo

I usually don’t deal with disappointment very well. But I am very good at hiding it. I could go down the list of my life altering disappointments, but I won’t. Yesterday was the first day of our photo project with girls in San Miguel de Allende. Yesterday we waited and waited and no one showed up. As we drove home we talked about what went wrong and we talked about what it means to us to give back, the importance of sharing what we know with girls and women. It seems like it should be easy–we find an underserved market and we provide everything free of charge. The realization that giving and sharing isn’t as easy as it sounds, has set in. Shannon and I are always good with a plan B. We are used to being thrown curve balls. Though we would like for things to go smoothly, they rarely do. We often find ourselves scrambling to make our ideas and projects work. We live with so much uncertainty that it seems like we …

JV in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Our photo project in San Miguel starts this coming Monday! We cannot wait to meet our students and to see this beautiful town through their eyes. An enormous thank you to Maria Almirantearena for translating the newspaper article into Spanish for us! We definitely could not have, and I mean not at all, done it without you!