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“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” Bob Kerrey (1943) Recently I watched a video about photographer, Richard Renaldi  and his project Touching Strangers.  Basically he pulled people (strangers) off the streets of New York City and paired them up with unlikely “friends” so that he could photograph them as if they had been dear friends or loved ones.  In the end his photographic subjects were able to really see strangers as people not just a black man or an old lady or a bum or a yuppie…you get the point. He helped to break down barriers, no labels–just people. This project affected me so much that I thought I would love to do something like that here in San Francisco. My version of Richard’s project includes little cards with words of encouragement and kindness to share with strangers–we’re gonna make it easy for you to share tenderness in the Tenderloin :-).  I wanted to add this element because of the many times I have been unable to …

Her Folkloric Life

  Traditional beliefs, myths, tales and practices have forced her mind to blossom her wings strengthen her body becomes infinite as the sea and stars. She is rooted to the earth, she is the mighty oak, among the tulips and able to feel the wind. It is all within. Even when the world tries to disassemble her.   Mixed Media Collage hand sculpted porcelain woman, glazed in colors of tree bark and leaves, paper, beads, metal, vintage buttons, shell, plastic, dice, glitter, paint in a painted French Brie cheese round. Come and see Director Elizabeth Rosas’ latest work. Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center & The Luggage Store present Flo Oy Wong, The Whole Pie Opening Reception: Friday November 8, 2013 from  6-8pm The Luggage Store – 1007 Market St. San Francisco more information HERE