The Language of Photography

In 2007, Elizabeth and I went to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with a goal. We wanted to teach digital photography to children in the community. We also wanted to connect them via a blogging to a classroom of children in San Francisco to create a cross-cultural experience. Our San Francisco class agreed and even donated cameras. When we arrived in San Miguel we quickly connected with our community there to see if our project was possible.

With the cooperation of the Biblioteca Publica (the public library) we had a space and a group of kids with whom to work. For six weeks we held classes that included photography skills, critiques and field trips. It also included blogging and getting to know the kids in San Francisco through questions and pictures. In the end they had one amazing exhibition in the courtyard of the Biblioteca showing and selling their work. It was a very special experience for all of us.

Inspired by this experience, Elizabeth and I have added on a new piece to our Juana’s Voice Project. Our mission is “where women support women, where girls utilize expressive arts for growth and change”. We are on the move, ready to bring many types of art and music to women and girls!

If you would like to bring our project to your community or know of an organization with whom we would be a good fit, shoot us an email.

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